Steel Wheels Project Web Page


Welcome to Steel Wheels Project web page. This project is started to develop open source software for Mac OS X. You can get applications, frameworks and documents from this project.

The final target producs of this project are:


Every products of Steel Wheels Project are distributed under The GNU General Public Licenses Version 2 or The GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1 .

Target System / Development Environment

Following system and tools are required to build and execute software




Product Description
Coconut Framework Basic infrastructure of all the other applications and frameworks.
Coconut Data Framework Define Data structure/Data object for various applications.
Coconut I/O Framework Input/Output operation framework such as file and network support
Coconut XML Framework XML document operation framework
Cobalt Framework Support console application.
libuformat Support microformats.
Kiwi Engine Framework Implement interpreter
KiwiScript Framework KiwiScript interpreter. See KiwiScript Language Specification.
Kiwi User Interface Framework Define functions for GUI application. The design of this framework is based on Application Object Model.


Product Description
XSugar Tools SoftwareTools for XML processing
Kiwi Card HyperCard like system (pre-alpha state)